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St. Patrick's Day

Posted on 2011/03/19 14:40:43 (March 2011).

[Thursday 17th March 2011]
I normally tend to avoid going out on St. Patrick's Day, assuming the pubs will all be crowded and a bit rowdy. This evening though a few people from work expressed interest in going for a drink, including in particular an Irish colleague of mine who was feeling a bit homesick, and a bit miserable that all her friends back home were out drinking and she didn't have any plans.

So a group of us went the Horse and Groom in Belgravia which, whilst not technically being an Irish pub, is ran by an Irish couple, so seemed like a fitting venue. It was a lot quieter than I'd expected actually - when we arrived there were just the normal amount of people you'd expect for a Thursday night, and by the time we got onto our second drink most of the bar room had cleared out altogether. There did seem to be a second wave later on though - I suppose this was the difference between the after work crowd and people coming specially for St. Patrick's Day.

We started with a group of five of us, and a couple left earlier on, but three of us ended up staying until closing time. I'm always amused by how often this ends up happening, when every time you ask someone at work if they want to go for a drink they almost universally say "ok, just the one though...".

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