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Albino Crocodiles Staring Across The Abyss of Time

Posted on 2011/03/27 09:52:40 (March 2011).

[Tuesday 22nd March 2011]
I'd agreed to go and see a film tonight with some friends from work, not really realising what I was getting myself in for. The film was Cave of Forgotten Dreams by the somewhat eccentric film maker Werner Herzog - a documentary about the world's oldest cave paintings, found in the Chauvet caves in Southern France. Oh, and for some reason it was in 3D.

The narrative style throughout was, to say the least, a bit bizarre. No more so than in the downright absurd "postscript" at the end of the film, where Herzog leaves the caves, and focuses his attention briefly on a nearby nuclear power plant, the warm water from which is used in a sort of tropical garden, populated with crocodiles, many of whom have been born albino. "How do they know they are not their own dopplegangers?", Herzog asks us, before musing on the pale coloured reptiles "staring across the abyss of time".

See my tweet on the matter for a possible explanation.

After the film we headed over to the Lamb and Flag to discuss the oddity we had just witnessed before then proceeding on to Abeno Too for a late dinner.

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