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Posted on 2011/03/27 09:52:41 (March 2011).

[Saturday 26th March 2011]
There were large protests in London today, and this, combined with Chie needing to recover from yesterday's dental surgery, and me needing to do some work, meant we were pretty much confined to the flat all day.

I made an observation about the days events on Twitter which seemed to strike a chord - I think the number of retweets ran into hundreds, and consequently my tweet was listed as a "top tweet" in the trending topic Fortnum & Mason. A brief moment of fame!

I got a pretty good day's work done today, inbetween being cook and nurse for poor Chie, so was rather pleased with myself. I did eventually venture out a little before 6, to buy things for dinner. I made a Quorn sherpherd's pie (mycologist's pie?) for dinner, which seemed like a suitably soft and easy-to-eat-without-chewing sort of a meal.

Comment 1


Posted by Lox at 2011/03/27 10:08:38.

Comment 2

Yes, it took me a few seconds to work it out actually. :)

Posted by John at 2011/03/27 11:50:50.

Comment 3

It certainly was an inspired moment ..but maybe more Python than Hertzog?

Posted by Revnick at 2011/04/01 08:49:21.

Comment 4

Shame about the disgraceful banner... That, unfortunately, delimits the quality of the opposition. Mind you, I'm no Tory fan at all. Just a shame that everything we do these days has to be reduced to such a base - and insulting - level.

Posted by Nigel at 2011/04/01 22:26:55.

Comment 5

Yes I suppose there is a hint of Python about the tweet, sort of channelling the Hell's Grannies sketch, perhaps.

Posted by John at 2011/04/02 09:48:39.

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