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London Marathon and Al's Barbecue

Posted on 2011/04/24 09:46:03 (April 2011).

[Sunday 17th April 2011]
Quite a busy day on the social calendar today - Gav had invited us for some post marathon celebratory drinks, and Al had also invited us to a barbecue at his house. So we attempted to fit in both.

Gav, rather impressively, was actually running the marathon, and we'd arrange to meet afterwards in the Red Lion and/or Golden Lion in St. James's, conveniently quite close to the finish line (but sufficiently off the beaten track that they weren't too horribly overcrowded, at least earlier on). So Chie and I headed over to that neck of the woods for around 1:30, and had time for a quick bite to eat at a new tapas chain that had recently opened up in London (which was somewhat mediocre actually). We met Gav in the Red Lion around 2:30 and was surprised to see he looked absolutely fine - nothing like the wreck you'd someone who'd just ran 26 miles to be. We stayed for a couple of drinks at the Red Lion, then one more at the Golden Lion round the corner, before heading off to our next social engagement of the afternoon.

We got to Clapham around 5:30, and then spent a couple of hours in Al's back garden, enjoying the first Pimm's of the season. Didn't stay particularly late though, as Chie was mindful about getting back to try and do some more studying for her course, and I had a few domestic chores to catch up on ahead of my trip to Zurich tomorrow.

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