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Not going to the Cinema

Posted on 2011/09/03 17:23:57 (September 2011).

[Thursday 1st September 2011]
A large group of people from my office went to the cinema today, but I've realised in recent years I just don't like going to the cinema that much - having to pay to be cramped in to dirty uncomfortable seats, surrounded by irritating strangers, and not being able to pause the film and get something to eat or drink, or go to the toilet. Not to mention having to sit through adverts as well, and having to pay for the privilege. I much prefer watching DVDs in the comfort of my own home - Chie has a Love Film subscription, and there's pretty much no film that we can't wait six months or so after release to see.

I did, however, meet up with some of my colleagues after the film, to go for a drink or two in town (I assume the film they went to see - Rise of the Punnet of the Grapes or something - wasn't particularly engaging, as they didn't talk about it at all). Did a couple of pubs in Fitzrovia and also popped into Benito's Hat for some dinner (although I just sat and watched them for this bit, as I'd already eaten earlier).

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