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Tokyo to Hiroshima

Posted on 2011/09/23 03:49:27 (September 2011).

[Tuesday 20th September 2011]
It has become customary on my last few visits to Japan for me to spend at least a day at my company's office in Tokyo - it helps to lessen the impact when I return to work after a two week break, and I don't particularly mind, as there often isn't much to do in Tokyo in the daytime anyway. It's also a good opportunity to sync up with a few people who I work with in that office.

We have a new office in Roppongi Hills now, which is a bit nicer than the old one, and has a better cafe.

Around 5:30 Chie and I met at our hotel in Shinjuku, where we'd left our bags for the day, and headed off in the direction of Shinagawa. Using the Yamanote line with luggage in rush hour wasn't much fun, but it only got really bad for the last couple of stops before Shinagawa.

From Shinagawa we took the shinkansen to Hiroshima. As we were using JR passes, we couldn't take the fastest non-stop shinkansen (the Nozomi) and instead had to use the slightly slower Hikari, which also meant a change at Shin-Osaka. On the plus side from Osaka onwards we were on one of the new Kyushu shinkansen trains, which are even more luxurious than normal.

We arrived quite late in Hiroshima, after 11, but were still greeted with the usual warm hospitality by Chie's parents and ended up staying quite late to chat, drink beer, and eat monkey nuts.

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