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Posted on 2011/09/24 15:05:33 (September 2011).

[Friday 23rd September 2011]
Stayed in during the morning again. In the afternoon we headed out to a little mountain called Ege-san, to take in the views to be had from there out over the bay of Hiroshima.

On the way back we got dropped off in the centre of Hiroshima. Chie went and did a bit of shopping whilst I went for a strangely timed mid afternoon meal at "Grazie Gardens" the Italian themed "family restaurant" chain which sells ridiculously cheap food, that I occasionally frequented when I lived in Japan. They had a pasta dish on the menu which we'd always thought to be vegetarian, but now I'm not so sure. I had almost forgotten before this trip what a frustrating experience it is to try and find vegetarian food when eating out in Japan. It's nigh-on impossible in any restaurant serving Japanese food (with the possible exception of tempura) and even in places serving non-Japanese food it's usually a challenge - they seem to think no meal is complete without at least some parts of a dead animal in it.

Consequently I found myself getting somewhat irritable this afternoon. We stayed in Hiroshima into the evening, which was probably a bad idea in retrospect, and met up with Chie's friend Nagi-san (who had stayed with us in the UK recently, and I'd cooked a rather sumptuous Italian feast, even though I do say so myself). Alas I think she bore witness to some of my frustration at not being able to eat properly in Japan. I was not a very fun person to be around this evening.

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