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Posted on 2012/09/06 23:08:26 (September 2012).

[Thursday 6th September 2012]
Not a very productive day at work today, in contrast to the past couple of weeks where I've actually been getting quite a bit done. I got in a bit later than usual, and was almost immediately greeted by a fire alarm (just a drill), which as is now the tradition meant a few of us went to Tom Tom for a coffee, rather than stand around pointlessly in the street for 15 minutes. Also a pub lunch with Kyle took a bit of a chunk out of the middle of the day (compared to my typical 10 minute "al desko" dining experience at lunch time of late), as did a meeting later on in the afternoon. Still, I feel like I've done a reasonably good job of loading my team up with work to do during my impending paternity leave. It's quite an odd position to be in to know you're going to be away for two weeks, and knowing it could start any day now, but not knowing exactly which day it will start. Particularly now that we've gone past the due date I'm a but reluctant to get stuck into anything significant at work, knowing it may suddenly be put on hold for a fortnight.

Jacket potatoes for dinner in the evening, which weren't that great. I am increasingly disappointed with our oven. It did however remind us of the yaki imo song, which in turn prompted me spend the remainder of the evening updating the journal, knowing how nice it is to be able to read these entries back again in a few year's time.

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