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Mum in London

Posted on 2012/09/11 17:11:26 (September 2012).

[Saturday 8th September 2012]
We think Chie had her first twinges of contractions this morning, but they seemed to wear off again - maybe it was something else.

Mum was passing through London for the day, on her way back from a conference in Winchester. I think when she'd planned this trip she'd rather hoped she might be able to see the baby, but alas she was just a couple of days early!

We went for dim sum at Phoenix Palace for lunch. Not bad, but I think we all agreed we prefer Royal China. After that we went for a stroll along Marylebone High Street. I'd never been in the bookshop there before - it has a rather lovely interior - and I bought Virgina Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, which seemed somehow appropriate since it was set nearby.

Got the bus back home after that, and sat out in the gardens for a bit with Mum, to hav a gin and tonic and some nibbles, before she headed off to get her train back.

I think Chie and I both had a definite sense of the calm before the storm for the remainder of the evening...

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