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Baby Day Three

Posted on 2012/09/13 16:23:12 (September 2012).

[Wednesday 12th September 2012]
Our first night back at home had been a bit rough - lots of crying and not really obvious what the problem was. Obviously we still have to learn to figure out her wants and needs.

An air of peace and calm descended in the morning, but we were both left feeling a bit dazed.

The community midwives came for their visit in the morning, and politely tiptoed through our bombsite of a flat to check everything was going OK. Their verdict was that little Erika was actually doing just fine, she was just adjusting to being in the big wide world and that can be a bit difficult at first. It turns out it's quite normal that she seems to want to feed almost constantly.

I held baby while Chie made lunch - it's really lovely having her doze on my chest. Chie made the classic lentil and tomato soup I learned from Dad, albeit without any garlic this time for baby's sake.

I popped out in the afternoon to pick up things Chie needed from Holland and Barrett, as well as some things for dinner. I was still determined to cook proper meals for us, and decided this evening to do a sort of Spanish tapas selection - a Spanish omelette, a bean and chorizo stew (made with some vegetarian chorizo) and garbanzos con espinacas - chickpeas with spinach, a dish we like at our local tapas place. It all turned out rather well.

Comment 1

Very impressive John! I don't remember attempting anything so bold for the first few meals - steamed veg and some form of protein was all I could manage.

Glad you seem to be enjoying it!

Posted by Simon at 2012/09/13 19:29:48.

Comment 2

Wow John, I never caught a hint of what was going on - didn't even know you and Chie were expecting!!

Massive congratulations to you both!! :-)

"Erika" is an excellent name too.

Can't believe I've missed this and though I follow you on Twitter too, you're not following me (no prob. at all by the way :-D)

Any which way up... Don't worry at all. The first few weeks are topsy-turvy as you all get used to each other in this new environment!

The sleepless nights DO pass and things improve. It gets really infuriating when people tell you (and they will, in their drives...) that their little darling slept through the night from day one without a peep. Pah! Don't believe any of them. There's nothing wrong with you and yours, just enjoy the fantastic thing you've done!!

Best wishes, as always!!

Posted by Nigel at 2012/09/16 15:44:39.

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