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Baby Day Four

Posted on 2012/09/13 16:23:12 (September 2012).

[Thursday 13th September 2012]
Our second night at home with the baby had been better than the first - we'd decided to just move into the lounge for the time being, where we felt less worried about disturbing the neighbours, and I think we were starting to understand the baby's needs a little better.

We had a delivery from Ocado this morning - this was pretty much the first time we'd actually used online grocery shopping, as we'd always typically wanted to just shop on the day and buy whatever we felt like eating that night. With a baby though it's very convenient!

My shopping outing today took me to Sloane Square - and I actually took the unusual step of using a Boris Bike to cycle on the way there. Having spent several days mostly in our pyjamas it was quite exciting to be surrounded by glamorous well dressed people again. I picked up some things we needed in Peter Jones, the John Lewis store by Sloane Square, and enquired about getting a buggy. I was rather disappointed to hear they don't keep them in stock, and it would take several days to have it delivered - even delivering it from their depot to the store would take at least two days, and they couldn't guarantee that. I was a bit annoyed by that level of inefficiency, and impatient to get the buggy as soon as possible so we could start taking Erika outside. So I decided to take our business elsewhere, and eventually chose to order it from Selfridge's who offered next day delivery.

As Chie hadn't been able to eat blue or soft cheese during pregnancy, we'd excitedly ordered some as part of our shopping from Ocada, and so for dinner we had trofie in a blue cheese and spinach sauce.

Comment 1

erika chan ha shasin de miruto yoiko dane!
mama,papa otukaresama.
yuttari to sita kimoti de ne!

Posted by yoko at 2012/09/15 07:40:42.

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