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Adrian, Liz and the Kids Meet Erika

Posted on 2012/09/16 11:22:48 (September 2012).

[Saturday 15th September 2012]
Quite a busy day for baby! Another routine visit from the midwife in the morning, and apparently everything is more or less fine still. Also two deliveries arrived - a Dyson Hot (the fan heater without a fan) and Erika's buggy - a Bugaboo Bee in red. We'd spent a long time deliberating over which buggy/pram to buy, and in the end just bought the very first one we'd considered, which had been recommended to me by my manager, who had a baby last year.

In the afternoon Adrian, Liz and the kids came for a visit to meet baby Erika. She was sleeping for a while when they first arrived, quite happily despite all the guests, and Katie was continually shushing us all. Eventually she started to stir, and after a nappy change and a feed (we explained to the kids: Auntie Chie puts the food in one end, Uncle John takes it out the other end) she was ready to greet her visitors properly. Adrian and Liz both held her for a while, and so did Daniel to my surprise. Katie seemed very interested in the whole business of looking after babies, whilst William and Daniel mostly entertained themselves with lego and Chie's balance ball.

After a while I thought it might be fun to open the box for Erika's new buggy, and have the kids "help" put it together. As you can imagine the room quickly descended into chaos, and much fun was had with the large box it came in, and of course the bubble wrap. Adrian gave me a hand actually putting the buggy together, which was pretty straightforward to begin with until we got to the canopy which just didn't seem to fit no matter which way round we tried it. I eventually figured out they'd sent us the canopy for another model.

Although a bit chaotic it was really lovely see Erika meet her cousins and aunt and uncle, and this was definitely one of the highlights of Erika's first week for me.

After Adrian Liz and the kids headed off, I set about trying to get a replacement canopy for the buggy. I had quite a frustrating time trying to get through to someone who could actually do something about this at Selfridge's, and was less than impressed with their customer service (to the extent I wrote them a long letter of complaint the next morning). Eventually though I managed to establish they had a replacement available in store, and so I popped out quickly in the early evening to pick it up - I was really determined we were going to take Erika out for her first walk the next day.

Whilst in Selfridge's I also picked up some interesting fruit and vegetables from the food hall - some white asparagus, a globe artichoke, two necatvignes, a kiwano and a yellow pitahaya.

Was a bit too tired to cook by the time I got back home, so we just ate assorted leftovers, plus we had the yellow pitahaya - it wasn't wildly delicious but it's always fun to try something new for the first time.

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