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Back at Work

Posted on 2012/09/26 21:53:05 (September 2012).

[Monday 24th September 2012]
My first day back at work after paternity leave. I felt the predictable pangs of guilt about abandoning Chie for the day, but managed to ease matters slightly by going home for lunch - one of the benefits of working within walking distance of home! This was also good for making sure Chie ate a proper meal at lunchtime - as she understandably would otherwise have had her hands full it might have been difficult for her to find the time to eat properly.

As is the tradition on Mondays I made Chinese food for dinner although it was hard to actually sit down together and eat it, as Erika seems really unsettled in the evenings now - she made a lot of noise this evening! Still, despite the food being half cold I think it was appreciated - we started with mock crispy duck, then had one dish of pak choi and oriental mushrooms in a mirin and ginger sauce, and the other - tofu with peppers in an entirely home made sweet and sour sauce. I don't know why I'd never attempts this before - sweet and sour sauce is pretty much just sugar, rice vinegar, water and cornflour (olus a few other tweaks). It came out surprisingly well.

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