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Baby Otafuku Sauce

Posted on 2013/09/14 22:44:48 (September 2013).

[Wednesday 11th September 2013]
Erika is currently in the settling in period at nursery - she went for a few afternoons last week, and this week is doing a few full days. Chie and I went to drop her off together this morning, and this time at least she seemed to let us leave her there without any fuss at all. After dropping her off Chie and I decided to go for breakfast at the Regency Cafe, before I went off to work.

At lunchtime we met up again briefly, as I wanted to view a flat. As a slight change of strategy I've briefly been considering buying just whatever we can buy for cash, even if it's tiny or not somewhere we'd particularly want to live ourselves - that way at least our capital is rising in value at the rate house prices are rising in London (by some estimates as much as 10% a year) and not just devaluing in the bank. Not sure if we'll really go ahead with this plan or not - certainly the specific place we looked at today was one where we had to put on offer on it the same day, and we didn't feel comfortable enough with this strategy yet to do that.

In the evening Chie made okonomiyaki for dinner, the main reason being that we'd received a bottle of baby otafuku sauce in the post from Japan, which is suitable from 1 year onwards, and Chie was really keen for Erika to try it. We cut Erika's okonomiyaki into tiny baby bite size pieces, and put a bit of sauce and some aonori on each one, so she could eat the bits by hand. She seemed to rather like it.

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