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Lunch at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Posted on 2014/01/26 08:56:08 (January 2014).

[Saturday 11th January 2014]
Kyle and Hannah suggested we go for lunch today at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

As it was a nice enough day, we decided to walk on the way there, and also took in Sloane Square, where we stopped off at Peter Jones to buy Erika some new shoes (which as it turns out sadly didn't even make it through their first week at nursery before they went missing - sigh). Actually Kyle and Hannah also had some shopping to do, so we met up with them here. We also bumped into Jo and Seth from our NCT course.

From there the five of us walked together to the V&A. As always it was a bit of a challenge to find an available table in the cafe there, but we persevered and managed in the end, and it made for a very pleasant lunch - Erika slept through most of it.

We went for a cursory wander round some of the actual museum afterwards (Erika seemed more interested in the little phone things that give you an audio description of the exhibits, rather than the exhibits themselves) before saying our goodbyes, and heading off in the direction of Harrods.

Chie had discovered the children's clothing department recently, and we thought it might be worth having a nose around while the sale was still on, to see if we could find anything nice for Erika. Indeed we did just that I found a Gucci cardigan for her. I rather liked the splenidly OTT idea of her wearing something from Gucci, and it wasn't actually insanely expensive.

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