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Posted on 2014/09/20 10:06:17 (September 2014).

[Saturday 13th September 2014]
Played with Erika's balloons and birthday presents in the morning, then headed out for lunch. I thought Erika might enjoy going to a kaiten sushi place (the ones with the conveyor belts), and did a bit of research accordingly, but ended up going for Yo! Sushi as we thought it would be more child friendly than the others. A bit disappointingly, Erika fell asleep on the way there so missed it all. Went for coffee after that at an Italian place called Said, which was half cafe, half coffee shop. Then on to Whole Foods where we got something for Erika to have for a late lunch.

In the evening the girls went off to an Okonomiyaki party at a friend of Chie's house in North London, and I was left to my own devices. As it was London Fashion Week I decided to have another go at my seemingly annual pursuit of trying to find a bar where the fashion industry types were hanging around so I could enjoy the glamorous hub bub. Again, it wasn't particularly successful, I tried One Aldwych first, then later on Scarfes Bar. Neither were obviously particularly full of fashion week types.

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