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Leon and Japan

Posted on 2014/10/04 08:22:43 (October 2014).

[Tuesday 23rd September 2014]
Leon was passing through London today, so I went and picked Erika up from nursery and together we took a taxi to the Red Lion in Crown Passage, where we met him. Erika seemed to really enjoy the taxi ride, it's certainly not the first time she's been in a taxi, but maybe it was partly the break from the usual weekday routine. After a quick drink at the Red Lion, we headed on to a restaurant called Inamo, where we met Chie. I'd chosen it in part because it had interactive tabletop menus allowing you to order dishes electronically. I recall having fun in Japan with Leon on Gav in high tech izakayas, ordering from touch screen menus, and thought this might be similarly entertaining. Perhaps predictably though the English equivalent was a bit naff by comparison. Anyway, it was very nice to see Leon regardless, as always.

When we got back home, after putting Erika to bed we booked a trip to Japan for later on this year. Chie wanted to go for a whole 3 weeks, but I'm a bit short of holiday now, and also have less of a reason to work in the Tokyo office so I didn't think I could really manage more than 2 weeks. So for the first time Chie is going to fly one way, on the way out, with just her and Erika, meaning I'll have a week in London by myself before joining the girls for their second and third weeks in Japan, then we all fly back together.

We'd been a bit hesitant about booking the trip with the uncertainty of our flat purchase - at this stage we really don't know if it'll take another three weeks or another three months (or indeed whether it'll just end up falling apart altogether) but Chie is clearly really keen to get back and see her family, and so ultimately I just made an executive decision we should book the trip regardless. In this day and age there shouldn't be many things which actually require our physical presence in the UK, and can't be resolved other the phone or by email.

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