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Posted on 2014/10/04 08:22:44 (October 2014).

[Wednesday 24th September 2014]
Popped out at lunchtime to post some paperwork off to our solicitor for the flat purchase, which doesn't really seem to be progressing much at the moment, partly because our solicitor is on holiday (which wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the seller's solicitors didn't need constant prodding to do anything). He's back tomorrow, so hopefully things will pick up again from then on.

Since I was out the office, I thought I would try having a quick lunch at the new cafe which has recently opened round the corner. Frustratingly I ended up waiting something like 25 minutes for my food to arrive, and it wasn't even particularly busy.

Pasta for dinner as seems to be becoming a consistent routine of late on Wednesdays. I can understand why Mum had these day-of-the-week meal assignments, as with kids thinking what to make for dinner every night actually starts to get a bit daunting after a while, with all the pressure to make sure Erika is eating a healthy balanced diet etc. Looking back through my chat history it appears we also had garlic bread this evening.

Comment 1

Mother Knows best - a well-known saying. I probably liked Thursday best "gerityoursen" nights.

Posted by John's Mum at 2014/10/11 07:43:05.

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