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Are you at work?

Posted on 2014/10/04 08:22:45 (October 2014).

[Friday 26th September 2014]
Phone call form Dad this afternoon. He usually seems to phone in the daytime on a weekday, and starts off by saying "are you at work?". I don't think he really has much of a concept of a traditional 9-5 office job, as a combination of having mostly been self employed, and his current vocation in which his busiest day of the week is Sunday. I spent a while updating him on the current (lack of) progress on our flat purchase, currently caught in a frustrating quagmire of solicitors not really wanting to do any work. Our solicitor has actually been really good, although - and you can't blame him for it - has just got back from two weeks vacation, which obviously slowed things down a bit. The seller's solicitor on the other hand hasn't been the most responsive, and took two weeks to let us know they hadn't received an attachment to an email.

In order to actually have something to aim for I suggested to my solicitor that we'd like to try and complete within October, which he said should be "perfectly achievable", so let's see how that works out.

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