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Coach and Horses

Posted on 2014/10/10 22:30:22 (October 2014).

[Sunday 5th October 2014]
Took some clothes to the recycling bank in the morning, including a pale blue Harvie and Hudson shirt which was very much an old favourite, but now had an embarrassingly frayed collar, and was really past its best.

For lunch, I was really keen to have a decent Sunday roast in a pub somewhere, and so decided to introduce Erika to the Coach and Horses in Soho. Despite its potential to be quite, um, unruly in the evenings, at lunchtime on Sundays I'd several times seen kids in there, and I think since becoming an all-vegetarian pub it has generally become a lot more relaxed. It was very quiet in there this lunchtime, perhaps a bit too quiet, and for once I think I would have actually liked a bit of piped music so that the small handful of other customers wouldn't notice Erika's babbling - she wasn't exactly yelling and screaming, but she's also not yet learnt to moderate her volume, so in a quiet environment her normal voice can actually sound a bit loud.

I ordered a roast, Chie ordered the "tofush and chips" and we also got a veggie scotch egg, and shared all three. As I still have a pathological fear of boiled eggs I just ate a bit of the coating of the scotch egg, which was quite pleasant. The "tofush" pleasingly tasted of the sea, thanks to some nori mixed in with the batter.

Did a bit of shopping after that, as we were in the centre, including a visit to the newly refurbished Foyles, the childrens section thereof being particularly nice. I had a very pleasant quarter of an hour or so in there with Erika choosing a new book for her, followed by a coffee in the cafe upstairs.

Also bought some new cocktail ingredients in Gerry's on Old Compton Street, including Nardini's Rabarbaro liqeur (as I'd tried in the rhubarb Negroni at Princi) and some orange bitters. Experimented with these in the evening.

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