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Nursery and Pizza

Posted on 2014/10/10 22:30:24 (October 2014).

[Friday 10th October 2014]
Went to visit another nursery in the morning in the area where our new flat (assuming the sale actually completes) would be. The first one we'd seen had seemed a bit corporate, a stark contrast to the almost family run feel of the place she goes to currently. This one was different again, and felt a bit deserted actually (apparently lots of the kids are off on Friday, as Erika would also be) but on the plus side was in a really nice building with loads of outdoor space. Definitely our favourite of the two we've seen so far.

In the early evening I'd planned a bit of an event for our TGIF thing at the office. A pizza place called Maverick had opened up down the road earlier this year, near Buckingham Palace, right in the middle of a row of tourist trap cafes and tacky souvenir shops. Right from the start I'd applauded their admirable quest to improve the quality of food in that blackspot, but had been sad to observe whenever I'd been it had always been nearly empty. So I thought I'd drum up some support from my colleagues at least by inviting them to the office today to provide pizzas to sample (which if nothing else were a big improvement on those made in house, which are frankly a bit naff).

Erika and Chie also came along for this which was very nice, although I later regretted the folly of holding Erika whilst she was eating pizza, and I was wearing one of my custom made Turnbull and Asser shirts.

(It did manage to come out in the wash, you'll be glad to hear).

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