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Cocktails with Al

Posted on 2014/10/27 21:18:04 (October 2014).

[Tuesday 14th October 2014]
Went out in the evening with Al. We met at the Nellie Dean in Soho, which I'd only been to once before and have a lingering memory of it smelling quite bad. Since then it has had a bit of a makeover, and now looks like one of those slightly irksome modern style pubs with exposed brickwork and all that - but I think for once, on balance, it's actually a better pub for it.

From there we headed to Peyote in Mayfair, where as we didn't have a reservation we were seated at the "Taco Bar" downstairs, and hilariously on our way in another customer was complaining "it's like a morgue down there". It did liven up slightly during our stay. I'd wanted to go here for a while, being intrigued by the notion of an upmarket Mexican place, and the menu had looked quite interesting when I'd seen it a few months back. Not sure if it had since changed, or if it was because we were seated at the "Taco Bar" but we ended up with a very different menu to what I recalled which I found a bit confusing to choose from. My starter came out just wrong - but I didn't realise and just assumed Al had ordered two starters - and my main course seemed to be essentially a bowl of cheese. So the food didn't really impress, but it was interesting to be amongst the rich young things of Mayfair (and probably further afield) amongst whom this place seems to be very popular at the moment.

As seems to be a bit of a tradition when Al and I go out for dinner, Al ordered a bottle of Champagne, which added to the regret I felt the next day at also ordering a cocktail here - the deadly "Negrita" - supposedly a Latin American twist on a Negroni.

Al needed to head home after dinner as he had an early start the next day, but it was on;y 10ish, and as I had earned the required credit for an entire evening out it seemed a bit of a waste for me to do likewise. So in a further lapse of judgement I pressed on to Mr Foggs, another Mayfair-haunt-of-rich-young-things which I'd been wanting to try out for a while.

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