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Breakfast in Green Park

Posted on 2014/10/27 21:18:06 (October 2014).

[Sunday 19th October 2014]
Chie had wanted to go for breakfast at the Wolseley again for some time now, but it was one of those things we never seemed to quite get round to. Today she seemed really determined, and so we set out only to find they were full. As the thing she particularly wanted to eat was their basket of viennoiseries she had the insight to ask if that was available for take away, which it was, so in what turned out to be a rather lovely Sunday morning we ate assorted pastries in Green Park, which we had pretty much to ourselves, except for a very brave squirrel, and a gaggel of excitable middle aged Spanish ladies who followed behind him.

Did a bit of shopping after that, then Erika dozed off in her buggy, so me and Chie had the opportunity for a very peaceful and quiet lunch. We decided we fancied Mexican, and went to the new branch of Benito's Hat near Oxford Street, which was nearly empty turned out to be very pleasant.

Headed back to the flat later in the afternoon for tea and cake, then if I recall correctly I think we had toad in the hole for dinner.

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