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Doctor and Coffee

Posted on 2014/10/27 21:18:07 (October 2014).

[Tuesday 21st October 2014]
Erika had another bad cough again, which had been interrupting her (and therefore our) sleep. Assuming it was probably yet another chest infection, we decided we ought to take her to the doctor, especially with the girls' upcoming flight to Japan. It wasn't particularly successful - there was a temporary doctor who didn't seem particularly child friendly, and Erika burst into tears almost as soon as she got through the door, and wouldn't stop the whole time. As we've observed in the past, stethoscopes are not a particularly effective diagnostic instrument when the patient is making a lot of noise. As it happens this probably worked in our favour, oddly, as the doctor was unwilling to proscribe anything, and as it turned out in this instance the cough cleared up by itself a few days later.

Before the appointment with the doctor we had a bit of a wait so tried out the new coffee place in Pimlico. I had been a bit frustrated that all the time we'd lived in Pimlico there had never been a really good independent coffee shop, only then to see one open up just a few months before we'd likely be moving away. For that reason I'm actually pleased to report the coffee wasn't particularly great.

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