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Posted on 2015/01/02 10:59:58 (January 2015).

[Tuesday 23rd December 2014]
Spent the daytime with Erika, she was originally meant to go to nursery today but had a spot of conjunctivitis (it went away by itself over the next couple of days) - one of the things they're a bit fussy about at nurseries in general, and ask that kids with it stay at home to avoid infection. So I took the day off to look after her, as Chie had already gone to work.

In the afternoon we went out for a bit to do some Christmas shopping, I hadn't actually managed to get a present for Chie yet, and so that was the main focus of the expedition.

In the evening I'd arranged to meet up with Andrew, and some other people from work (which actually ended up just being two ex-colleagues instead) for pre-Christmas drinks, which had been mandated to be extremely quaint. To that end I suggested a jaunt around Hampstead and Highgate. We started at the Holly Bush, which was the best of the lot actually, and really delivered on the quaint front extremely well. From there we progressed to the Spaniard's Inn, then the Flask in Highgate, and finally the Duke's Head in Highgate, which isn't really quaint at all, but had a Sacred Gin bar I wanted to try out.

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