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Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:09 (March 2016).

[Saturday 6th February 2016]
I'd picked up a bag of "Punitions" from Poilane in the week, and very much enjoyed having a couple of these with an espresso from my coffee machine in the morning. I'm fairly sure the ingredients for punitions are just flour, sugar and butter. And yet they are absolutely delicious, and very moreish.

Chie and Erika went to see Naoko-san and family over in Harringay in the afternoon, but I decided to leave them to it on this occasion, although did at least accompany them on the train on the way there so I could go to Homebase. The gate in the back garden keeps blowing open when it's windy, and it had been driving me slightly crazy - my attempts to attach a bolt to he gate had failed numerous times for different reasons. So today at homebase I bought yet another bolt and yet another drill bit, and ultimately this attempt to remedy the gate would prove not to be the last either. Still, on the plus side I also bought a handy pack of picture hanging paraphernalia, which would at least provide some satisfaction on the interior of the flat in the coming weeks.

After returning from Homebase, and doing a bit more drilling, I decided to head up to Highgate, vaguely recalling that there was an independent wine shop there it might be nice to have a browse around. On arrival I was horrified to discover it had now been turned into an Oddbins. So instead I went for a quick pint at the Flask whilst I gathered my thoughts, then headed back home by way of Archway so I could instead go to my current stalwart Theatre of Wine.

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