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Boleny Estate and Hina Matsuri Dolls

Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:10 (March 2016).

[Tuesday 9th February 2016]
My recent love affair with Burgundy reds had made me curious to try Pinot Noirs from a little further afield, and I was absolutely delighted to discover there was in fact an English Pinot Noir, Bolney Estate, which had actually received some fairly good reviews. So I had ordered some from Waitrose Wine, which meant slightly irksomely I'd had to order a mixed case of 6 bottles (oh calamity!), and so had also picked some old favourites and some other new things to try. Conveniently I was able to collect this from the Waitrose in Camden, although lugging 6 bottles of wine home on the bus at rush hour is not necessarily something I'd advise.

Tonight I was very keen to try the English Pinot Noir and so that was the first to open from the case. It did not disappoint, it was on the light side (but recently that's how I prefer red wines to be anyway) and really elegant. It was quite a momentous occasion really - a decade ago, before the rise of the greats like Nyetimber, it was hard to imagine anything positive being said about any English wine, and now having successfully conquered sparkling whites, reds seem like the new frontier.

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