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German Gymnasium

Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:11 (March 2016).

[Wednesday 10th February 2016]
My old boss was in town this week (he who presided over the golden days of my approaching-a-decade with my current employer) and so along with another mutual friend from work we had a very pleasant evening out in King's Cross / St. Pancras. We started with cocktails at the Gilbert Scott, and I was really impressed by the rhubarb gimlet, which had a fantastically fragant aroma, particularly toward the end of the glass (who'd have thought there would be such a bouquet just from rhubarb?).

We followed that with dinner at the German Gymnasium, which opened in the latter half of last year, and had been generally panned by the critics. I have to admit I sort of agreed with them on the food, which wasn't particularly impressive, but the setting was really nice, and it was also an opportunity to continue yesterday's theme of Pinot Noirs from outside Burgundy, in this case a couple of really good German Spatburgunders (the German name for Pinot Noir) - particular the Weiler Schlipf 2012 which I thought was very pleasant indeed.

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