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Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:14 (March 2016).

[Saturday 20th February 2016]
Took Erika to the zoo for a while in the afternoon. Although the weather wasn't particularly nice, to compensate, after a long absence over the winter, thanks to it being half term the face painting lady was back. As it was wet outside I managed to persuade Erika to spend quite a bit of time in the aquarium and even the reptile house - the latter in particularly had not been a very popular option in the past. I was rather irked to learn that the Jackson's Chameleon gives birth to live young. I had come to terms with the awkwardness of the Duck Billed Platypus but somehow to have reptiles messing about with the rules like that just really wound me up. Given the timing (we didn't really arrive until almost lunchtime) we ate lunch at the zoo. It was exciting to see the new Lion enclosure was almost ready - I think by Erika's next visit it should be open.

Headed back home after that and I popped out to our local wine shop (Theatre of Wine) for a bit in the afternoon to browse the Burgundies.

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