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Erika's Room, Pub Sunday Roast, and The George

Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:15 (March 2016).

[Sunday 21st February 2016]
I'd been bothered for a while that Erika's bedroom didn't really look much like a kid's bedroom - being the larger of the two, and there not being much storage space in our bedroom, Erika's had been filled with large cupboards, and still had some moving boxes cluttering it up which were full of awkward things we didn't really need to have out, but couldn't really throw away either. So last weekend Chie had bought a sort of toy cabinet thing which we installed today in the space where all the boxes had been (the boxes are now cluttering up the lounge instead, ho hum). Anyway it really made a difference, and Erika's room suddenly looked a lot nice.

After sorting out Erika's room in the morning, we layed with Erika's Sylvanian Families toys for a bit, then went for a Sunday roast at one of the pubs in Kentish Town for lunch (The Assembly House). We'd eaten Sunday lunch there once before, and whilst overall grateful a proper vegetarian Sunday roast option existed (i.e. something with potatoes and gravy) the actual centrepiece was very naff - essentially a very mushy splodge of sweet potatoes, with, oddly, some mushrooms in it. Anyway, I enjoyed being going in the pub for lunch with the girls regardless of the actual food on this occasion.

Erika was going to a friend's birthday party in the afternoon, and since it only really requires one of us to accompany her (and she's generally busy with her friends once she gets there), I decided to have a bit of free time instead, and popped down to the George Inn in Borough. There in I met up with Andrew and Ricardo and the usual banter ensued.

Chinese takeaway for dinner in the evening, of which Erika barely ate any having filled up on the proverbial jelly and ice cream at the party.

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