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Sunday with Grandma

Posted on 2016/03/05 13:05:18 (March 2016).

[Sunday 28th February 2016]
Spent most of the day with Grandma, and stayed fairly close to home. Chie headed out fairly early for a day in Bicester Village with Nozaki-sensei and Kaori-san, who were in England at the moment.

In the morning we took Erika to the local soft play centre for a bit, and afterwards took Grandma on a little bit of a look round the shops of Kentish Town, such as they are, spending most time in the Owl Bookshop, which Erika seems to rather like.

Then we had a pub Sunday roast for lunch, at the Oxford Arms, which had been decent in the past, but seemed slightly better than just decent today. Mum apparently rather enjoyed it, and I really liked the January King Cabbage I'd ordered as a side dish.

Most of the remainder of the afternoon was the spent just lolling about at the flat, as Mum had done a lot of traveling the day before and didn't really want to go much further afield.\\

Mum headed back just before dinner time, we had sausage and mash for dinner.

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