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Wedding Anniversary

Posted on 2016/10/30 06:59:56 (October 2016).

[Monday 17th October 2016]
Our wedding anniversary today - in fact 10 years since we "legally" got married. I always feel a bit more inclined to celebrate the date in December given that all we really did on this day a decade ago was fill in some paperwork, but anyway...

It had rather crept up on us this year, both of us being preoccupied with various travel arrangements, plus the usual other distractions of day to day life - work, Erika's school, and so on. Somehow Chie had mentioned that it was going to be our wedding anniversary to Erika's friend's Mum the other day, and she had very kindly offered to have Erika round for dinner this evening, so we could go out for a little bit to celebrate. Obviously we didn't want to impose too much, so just made it a quick early evening outing. I had worked at the King's Cross office in the daytime so it made sense timewise to go somewhere around there - we decided on the bar at the Gilbert Scott.

I had the Rhubarb Gimlet which I had really enjoyed when I came here with people from work, and Chie also really enjoyed the Beekeeper (or was it Beehive? I forget). So that worked out rather well - short but sweet.

Went to Erika's friend's house after that to pick Erika up who seemed to have had quite a nice time, and to our surprise and delight her friend's Mum complimented us on what nice table manners she had - I don't know how that happened!

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