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Posted on 2017/02/12 08:55:46 (February 2017).

[Friday 27th January 2017]
Went for lunch with a couple of people from the office to Dishoom in Kings Cross. Owing to my ongoing stupid and inept protest about the food at work, lunch has been a mostly solitary affair this month. So today's lunch made for a nice change from that.

Despite that for some reason toward the end of the day I started to become quite irritable and short tempered. Chie and Erika were at their bi-weekly Japanese lesson which takes place very close to my office - it has become the norm that I go and meet them there when they're doing that and we go home together. Today though I was determined to just get home as quickly as possible, and Erika didn't seem to want to leave straight away, so I went off by myself in a bit of a huff.

Went to Earth on the way back home to buy some things for dinner, although I don't recall now what we actually ate (writing this several weeks after the fact). Possibly some kind of nabe?

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