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Dim sum

Posted on 2017/02/12 11:26:42 (February 2017).

[Wednesday 1st February 2017]
Erika was off school today - she had gone back yesterday (she was very keen not to miss out on the school trip) but there had been a slight "incident" toward the end of the day, and they recommended she take another 48 hours off before returning to school.

She seemed fine to me and Chie though, and as Chie was possibly getting a bit of cabin fever by this point she suggested we all go out for lunch. Erika said she wanted to have dimsum, so I took a long lunch break from work, got the tube down to Chinatown, and we had lunch at our favourite dimsum haunt, Joy King Lau. An old Chinese lady was sitting at the table next to ours when we arrived, and she seemed to take a particular shine to Erika. It turned out she had lived in Japan for a short time and could speak some Japanese. The restaurant in general seemed surprisingly busy for a weekday lunchtime - I suppose because of Chinese New Year - and there was an unusually jubilant air to the place.

In the evening we played with Erika's Kapla blocks, and I made a structure with a big overhang on both sides which I found very satisfying.

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