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Posted on 2017/11/11 10:25:49 (November 2017).

[Tuesday 31st October 2017]
I can't say I ever particularly liked the idea of making a big deal of Halloween - it just felt like giving in to American cultural imperialism. Kids of Erika's sort of age do seem to get very excited about it though - and I do have to concede I can see why it's fun for them. Imagine a day of the year when adults could go and knock on random stranger's doors and be given a glass of wine? That would be great.

So, purely for Erika's sake, we made a bit of an effort again this year like we'd done two years ago (Chie and Erika were in Japan for Halloween last year). We carved a pumpkin yesterday, put it outside this evening, and Chie had bought a few bags of sweets to give out. Like two years ago, absolute hordes of kids showed up, and we very quickly gave away all our sweets. After that, I took Erika out for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood with her friend Frances so she could see the other side of the trick or treating experience, and we managed to find a few houses which had not yet ran out of sweets (plus a few which already had). Some people had made a huge effort decorating their houses, and one of the nearby streets had got together and even put decorations along the pavements etc. I thought that was pretty impressive, and Erika had a great time.

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