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Greenwich and Blackheath

Posted on 2021/11/27 10:29:43 (November 2021).

[Thursday 25th November 2021]
I took the day off work today, and had planned to visit a friend down in Blackheath, but somehow we got our wires crossed a bit and ultimately didn't end up meeting. I took the train down to Blackfriars, then the boat from there (or Bankside Pier to be precise) to Greenwich, which is always nice. I walked through Greenwich Park to get to Blackheath. Have to admit I think Greenwich Park is a much nicer green space than Blackheath itself, which is a bit flat, and even with today's blue skies looked a bit bleak.

Picked up some pie and mash on my way through Greenwich which I had for lunch sat on a park bench on Blackheath, waiting to hear back from my friend who it seems didn't get any of my messages until much later in the day. Oh well.

Got the train back home after lunch, and made a lasagne for dinner. I thought it came out rather well, but Erika protested about the fact I'd used the type of fake mince she doesn't like. Ho, hum.

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