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Posted on 2022/06/25 12:42:33 (June 2022).

[Wednesday 15th June 2022]
There has been a lot of back and forth over Erika's eyesight in the past few years, with optometrists here (Boots i think) saying she does need glasses, but on summer trips to Japan the optometrists there saying no she doesn't, and in fact it might be actively bad for her eyes to wear them.

So we decided to get a third opinion, suspecting that perhaps high street opticians / optometrists here aren't always being as thorough as they ought to be (they have a fairly strict time limit on how long they can spend on each eye test I believe) and/or the fact that the eye test is free means they're potentially quite incentivised to actually sell you some glasses. After school today we went to an independent optometrist recommended by someone at work, who did a very thorough examination (about an hour) and came to the same conclusion as they did in Japan.

We will apparently need to keep an eye on it (ho ho) and go for more regular appointments, perhaps once every 3 months, but it seems once again Erika is back to not wearing glasses.

Although, that said, she has a pair of glasses with completely plain non-prescription lenses, and somehow she does seem to find it a little easier to see with these on. Not entirely sure what's going on there?

After that we went for dinner at a local Italian restaurant on the way home.

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