Croft Castle and Herefordshire Villages - A Weekend in The Borders

Croft Castle and Herefordshire Villages

Sunday 3rd May 2009

A very pleasant day out with Vera and Robin.

A Weekend in The Borders

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13:25:26 Vera and Robin in front of Croft Castle.13:27:45 The church next door to the castle.13:27:59

13:28:07 14:01:22 14:03:41 Some rather striking black tulips outside the church.

14:06:04 14:07:46 The castle gardens...14:10:50 Apple trees I think.

14:11:25 14:11:42 14:12:45 Vera in the orchard.

14:13:36 Bluebells!14:13:45 14:13:53

14:14:12 A bee busying himself about his work...14:14:26 14:14:31 ...very laden with pollen.

14:16:09 14:17:53 14:18:31

14:18:53 14:20:21 A couple of last views of Croft castle before heading off.14:31:59

15:02:33 The first village on our tour of Herefordshire villages - Eardisland. This is Robin's favourite building in the village. 15:02:38 15:02:48

15:03:02 Spectacular isn't it?15:03:43 15:04:25 Vera taking in a bit of sun whilst Robin and I went on a whistlestop architectural tour around Eardisland.

15:04:30 15:05:12 Isn't that lovely?15:05:34

15:06:11 The Dovecote.15:07:07 Rather nice Georgian house here next to a more typical timber framed cottage covered in Wisteria.15:07:12 This would make rather a nice postcard.

15:07:54 15:08:25 I feel the tweed jacket is very appropriate here.15:13:30 The village pub, and Britain's oldest AA box.

15:14:58 A black and white dog and a black and white house.15:15:04 Close up on the dog.15:33:00 Another dovecote en route to the next village.

15:44:49 This is Weobley, very nice high street here.15:46:32 The Unicorn Inn.15:49:26

15:53:57 Lovely blue sky now.15:56:58 Shame about that red car...15:57:12 ...ah that's better.

15:57:29 Even the garage was picturesque.15:59:00 15:59:07 The Red Lion Hotel.

16:09:33 Afternoon tea. Very nice scones here.16:09:41 Lovely cake stand.17:18:46 The Rhyspence Inn, on the way home.

17:18:54 ...and again.