London to Edinburgh - Edinburgh and Islay

London to Edinburgh

Saturday 1st September 2007

Traveling up to Edinburgh, and then our first night at the Whisky Society in Leith.

Edinburgh and Islay

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14:37:03 Chie and Vera on the train, already nearing the end of our journey here I think.14:37:29 Me and Vera enjoying the luxuries of First Class.14:37:53 Chie and a toasted sandwich.

14:43:36 I always like this bit on the London - Edinburgh run where you can see the sea - I think this is possibly in Scotland already.16:51:29 The Vaults - the home of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society - and also our base for our three nights in Edinburgh.17:35:52 Vera and Chie enjoying a wee dram at the vaults.

17:36:05 Me soaking up the atmosphere (and the whisky!) in the rather luxurious setting of the Society's members rooms.18:40:08 For dinner we went to The Ship on the Shore - just down the road from the Vaults. Here are our main courses - Chie had chowder, Vera had haggis, and I had a stuffed tomato.19:55:38 Back to the Vaults again for a couple of post-dinner whiskies - it was a bit hard to get a good picture with the light in here though...

19:56:04 ....but hopefully you get the idea!