North Berwick, Glenkinchie and Fireworks - Edinburgh and Islay

North Berwick, Glenkinchie and Fireworks

Sunday 2nd September 2007

A day out with Chie, Vera and Lucy in and around Edinburgh - starting off with a trip over to North Berwick, then a quick visit to Glenkinchie Distillery, before heading back to Edinburgh for dinner and fireworks!

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14:24:45 Near the seafront at North Berwick - that house on the corner there used to be Vera's Uncle's house.14:29:20 A view out over the beach at North Berwick.14:29:27 Chie and some boats.

14:31:17 Boats.14:31:58 Chie, Vera and Lucy.14:32:38 A view out to sea - nice sky here.

14:32:50 Bass Rock (actually maybe this isn't?) as seen from the mainland.14:33:09 Vera, me and Lucy.14:37:53 Rocks and stuff.

14:55:37 Or was this Bass Rock (covered in bird poo?).15:23:48 After leaving North Berwick we stopped off to look at the nearby castle (whose name escapes me), but were feeling mean and didn't want to pay the entrance fee. So here instead is a picture of Chie looking out over a field towards the Law.15:23:58 Same sort of thing again.

16:18:09 It turns out our route back to Edinburgh took us very close to Glenkinchie Distillery - so it would have been rude not to have at least popped in, wouldn't it?16:18:36 There's the sign to prove it.16:21:26 We didn't actually go on the tour as it was a bit late, but they did have a sort of museum / visitor centre which was rather good, so instead we took a wander around that.

16:21:44 Me and Vera and a bit of a still.16:23:14 There follow several pictures of bits of the visitor centre for which I shan't write comments....16:23:23

16:23:36 16:24:27 16:37:00 Chie tasting a bit of the finished product.

17:02:25 Me in the Lucy's car, taken randomly by Chie.17:22:03 This is the view from Lucy's flat - can see the Firth of Forth in this direction...17:23:09 ...and the city centre, with castle et al in the other direction.

17:23:19 ....bit of a close-up on the castle.20:03:02 Dinner at a seafood restaurant on Grassmarket in the city centre.20:03:20 Me and Vera looking quite colour coordinated.

20:03:53 ...and again.21:02:47 Vera and Chie on that nice little street that winds its way up the hill from Grassmarket.21:07:20 So, we were lucky enough to be treated to a fireworks display tonight...

21:17:28 Consequently there follow rather a lot of fireworks pictures, for which I won't try and write comments...21:17:33 21:18:21

21:18:27 21:20:16 21:20:21

21:20:24 21:20:28 21:20:33

21:20:41 21:21:13 Taken by accident I think!21:22:54 We were showered with some bits of firework debris at one point - including this bit here.

21:28:40 Blurry picture of Lucy, Vera and Chie enjoying the display.21:29:17 ....same again with me and Chie having swapped places.21:36:45

21:36:49 I quite like the effect of the silhouette cast by the church here.21:37:14 21:37:18

21:37:21 21:37:25 21:38:17 Again, really striking silhouette effect here.

21:38:23 21:43:07 A couple of bad pictures taken from North Bridge in the taxi on the way home.21:43:17

22:42:34 Back at the flat in Leith now.