Overground, Underground and The Fry-Up - Edinburgh and Islay

Overground, Underground and The Fry-Up

Monday 3rd September 2007

Spent the daytime in the city centre, starting with a general wander around, and then went on a tour of some underground passageways towards the end of the afternoon. In the evening went back to the flat for dinner, and had a bit of a fry-up which was suprisingly fun.

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10:18:23 Chie on a bus from Leith into the city centre - I think we were both rather taken with these tartan seats.10:18:35 Me looking a bit dazed on the bus, sitting beside Vera.10:46:06 I rather liked what they did with the National Gallery here, to mark the Andy Warhol exhibit.

12:32:45 Up close on those soup cans.12:32:49 ...and again...12:33:25 ...and one with Chie on.

12:36:43 A random picture taken by the side of the National Gallery, looking up to the castle.15:40:09 Later on in the afternoon, taken en route to the guided walk Chie and I were going on.15:44:16 I love these passageways...

15:44:47 ...and they usually offer nice views as well...15:44:55 Me and my new jumper.15:44:59 ...and again...

16:25:53 On the underground tour now (the vaults...?). So lots of pictures of underground passageways, for which I won't attempt to write comments....16:32:48 16:36:56

16:41:19 16:41:37 Seemed to be having serious focus problems here!16:44:46

16:53:07 Lots of these rooms were used as wine cellars at one time or another - but alas none used for whisky storage as far as we were told.19:23:21 Back at the flat, Vera and Chie making dinner (I took a more supervisory role).19:23:35 ....this was a lot of fun!

19:47:03 Some explanation going on here.20:01:54 I love this picture - Vera was very keen on having some HP sauce with her fry-up but there wasn't any in our otherwise very well stocked flat. So after a few not-so-subtle hints, I dashed out to the nearest shop (which wasn't that near it turned out) to buy a bottle.23:45:09 Me looking at the Islay map I bought today, in preparation for the remainder of our holiday...