Edibnurgh to Islay - Edinburgh and Islay

Edibnurgh to Islay

Tuesday 4th September 2007

Today we picked up a hire car in Edinburgh, and drove from there to Kennacraig, where we caught the ferry to Islay.

Edinburgh and Islay

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13:26:41 We made good progress on our run from Edinburgh, and didn't really stop anywhere of significance until Inverary - which turned out to be a nice little town with a few photo opportunities...13:43:19 ...back at the same spot a short while later, after buying a rain coat and some chips!13:43:23 I went for the frighteningly unhealthy (but rather tasty) cheese and chips.

14:53:53 Another stop off somewhere en route - possibly on or near the Kintyre peninsula...?14:54:04 Our car...15:47:54 We arrived at Kennacraig way too early, and so decided to continue on a bit further down the Kintyre peninsula to see what was there... but then we got nervous and decided to go no further than this point - about half way down.

15:48:52 There was a nice little beach here...15:49:04 ....which warranted a few pictures...15:49:11 ...etc...

15:49:25 16:18:20 ...back in the car, on the way back up to the ferry port now. A rare shot of me driving!17:15:32 The ferry port at Kennacraig - really not very much here - and most significantly no boat yet!

17:39:24 ...aha, here comes the boat...17:39:33 ...getting closer...17:41:18 ....and the front hatch (door? drawbridge?) is starting to open up to let the cars off....

17:42:00 I found this all quite exciting!17:43:20 About ready to start unloading and loading up again then...17:58:59 ....and here we are on the ferry now.

17:59:13 It was all rather exciting at the time, and thus I took a lot of pictures which I am now going to really struggle to write comments for!18:17:13 So I shall probably give up...18:17:33

18:19:50 18:19:59 18:21:38

18:22:09 18:22:25 18:24:57

18:43:46 Aha - dinner on board. I had been pre-warned about the food on this ferry, having recently been reading Iain Banks Raw Spirit. I have to say though in a strange way I rather enjoyed the experience. How can I put it - endearingly bad, perhaps? It had a hint of school dinners about it.18:52:27 Back out on deck again, and so yet more boat pictures which I'm going to find hard to comment on...18:55:42 A glimpse of one of the islands perhaps?

18:55:53 19:14:06 19:20:46 Another Caledonian MacBrayne passing in the other direction.

19:20:55 19:21:39 19:21:48

19:21:50 19:30:33 Back to the canteen for a warming cup of tea - it was quite cold out on deck.19:30:44

19:57:38 You really have to screw your eyes up to make it out here - but the little white blobs on the shore here are actually glimpses of distilleries! Possibly just Ardbeg here...19:58:19 20:01:16 ....and maybe Lagavulin here. As you can imagine this was a very exciting moment for me - despite the rather inclement weather!

20:03:48 20:25:08 A buoy, as we near Port Ellen.20:30:16 The harbour at Port Ellen, seen through the mist.

20:34:01 Waiting on the vehicle deck to drive out onto a very misty Islay...