London August 2022
August 2022
Pictures from London in August 2022 while the girls were away in Japan.
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Farewell Lunch
Monday 1st August 2022
Farewell lunch at the Pineapple for Chie and Erika before they headed off to Japan the following day.
Breaky Bottom
Saturday 6th August 2022
A trip down to Breaky Bottom to visit Peter and sample his newest releases.
Morris Dancing and Insulated Backpack
Tuesday 9th August 2022
Went to the Pineapple for a bit, to catch some of the morris dancing. After that headed to the heath to try out the insulated backpack I'd taken delivery of today, to see how it did at keeping wine cool.
The Heath Again
Wednesday 10th August 2022
Another evening on the heath. Enjoying the fact that at this time of year I can do a full day's work, have dinner, and still get to the heath in plenty of time to catch the sunset afterwards. Rather busy on the heath this evening though!
Everflyht on Ditchling Beacon
Friday 12th August 2022
With the threat of train strikes looming this weekend, it seemed my best bet for an outing from London would be this evening. I thought it would be fun to have some wine frothm Everflhyt, a new vineyard near Ditchling, on the top of Ditchling Beacon, overlooking the vineyard. So that's what I did.
Dinner at The Petersham
Saturday 13th August 2022
I would have gone for another walk this weekend, but alas plans were scuppered by rail strikes, so instead I stayed close to home. Spent the morning and early afternoon at home, some of that time editing the video from yesterday. Around 4pm I thought I'd pop down to the Pineapple to get me out of the house, but was surprised to find they'd had to close for a few days after an accident. I was given a free beer outside as a consolation prize though, so that was nice. As it was now approaching two weeks of mostly cooking for myself I fancied a bit of a change this evening, and decided to go out for a swanky meal at a restaurant. I chose the Petersham in Covent Garden, which had a very Italian leaning vegetarian tasting menu. Although the atmosphere was a bit banal, the food was mostly very good.
Tapping the Admiral
Sunday 14th August 2022
With the Pineapple closed for a few days, and nothing better planned this weekend, I decided to finally try out its sister pub (owned by the same people), The Tapping the Admiral. This was fortuitious in a way as they offer Sunday roasts (the Pineapple is always Thai food), although, nice though it was, it was realistically far too hot to be eating that kind of food. I seemed to be rather gluttonous this weekend, as I also had a takeaway pizza for dinner in the evening.
Monday 15th August 2022
Finally rained this evening after a long hot, dry spell.
Rain, and Dinner with Al
Tuesday 16th August 2022
Rained in the daytime. Old friend Al was in town, and we met up for dinner at the Delaunay this evening.
A Bit More Rain
Wednesday 17th August 2022
Rained a bit more in the daytime, and I headed to the heath in the evening hoping for a damp and atmospheric time but alas the skies had started to clear by then.
Thursday 18th August 2022
I was getting bored of toast every morning for breakfast and had a hankering for a Full English (or some vegetarian approximation thereof). I was too lazy to travel any great distance though, so just went to the nearest greasy spoon, which isn't really that great. In the evening to the heath yet again, and we seemed to be back to summery weather after the last few days of occasional showers.
Friday 19th August 2022
I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do this evening. I felt like a change of scenery, so I got the train down to Blackfriars, thinking I might sit for a while by the "beach" there - but it was high tide, and somehow I didn't really feel like lingering. So in the end I went back home and went to the heath after all.
Starting the Icknield Way Path
Saturday 20th August 2022
Yesterday's indecision lingered on into today. I felt I ought to make use of my free time while the girls were in Japan to do another walk and possibly a wild camp, but there was another train strike on, which rather limited the options a bit. After much deliberation I eventually discovered the trains to Tring were still running, so I could have a go at extending my walk along the Ridgeway in the other direction, along the Icknield Way Path, which starts at Ivinghoe Beacon and heads north east from there.
An Early Morning Walk Through Dunstable and Luton
Sunday 21st August 2022
Slightly surreal end to my mini overnight adventure, with a walk through Dunstable and Luton - including the fascinating "Guided Busway", then a train back home from Luton. Spent most of the rest of the day trying not to fall asleep on the sofa.
Tuesday 23rd August 2022
Yet another evening on the heath. Rather a nice sunset this evening I thought.
Wednesday 24th August 2022
Found myself hankering for a pizza at Oliveto this evening, so later on got the tube down to Victoria, but alas no room at the inn, so went to Olivo instead.
Thursday 25th August 2022
Yet another evening on the heath, but yet another impressive sunset, so it's a bit hard to keep away at the moment!
The Pineapple
Friday 26th August 2022
Should have done something more constructive this evening, but just went and sat in the Pineapple and chewed the cud with various regulars.
Saturday 27th August 2022
Mostly squandered the day, feeling too tired and lazy to get out into the countryside for a walk as I should have done. Ordered some fiery Szechuan food for dinner.
Wansdyke Path
Sunday 28th August 2022
Fortunately yesterday's squandering of the day did not make the weekend as a whole a complete dead loss, given the bank holiday, so I could start today on an overnight adventure as though it were Saturday. I decided to walk the Wansdyke Path, which would get me back to the area around Avebury which I'm so fond of, and provide an opportunity to do a bit more exploring in West Woods, plus also perhaps fulfil my long standing ambition of sleeping in a ditch...
Early Morning Walk Along The Wansdyke
Monday 29th August 2022
Up at first light and walked (most of) the remainder of the Wansdyke Path, before heading off to Bishops Cannings to get a bus to Swindon, then from there a train home to London.