Hampton Court - London May 2009

Hampton Court

Saturday 16th May 2009

A day out at Hampton Court Palace with Vera, Adrian, Liz and the kids.

London May 2009

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13:55:52 On the way into Hampton Court...14:18:56 A late lunch for Vera and I (and cake for the kids!) in the cafe.14:51:20 I rather liked this alleyway.

14:52:21 The kids quite enjoyed the kitchens.14:56:10 As the sun had briefly popped out I tried to get a picture of everyone in the courtyard here... as you can see it was difficult to round up the kids...!14:56:13 ....but I thought it would be fund to just keep snapping as they were being coraled...

14:56:17 Daniel trying quite hard to get out of shot here!14:56:22 Well, at least there'll all in one place now, albeit Katie is obscured and Daniel is sitting on the floor!14:56:27 ...very nearly there!

14:56:30 Well I think this is as good as it's going to get... Actually rather pleased with this one.16:06:19 The main entrance seen from inside the Base Court.16:19:37 The Fountain Court.

16:49:24 In the Clock Court.16:49:48 The clock in the Clock Court.16:50:09 More pictures of the clock...

16:50:18 16:51:19 One side of the Great Hall.17:03:58 On the way out...

17:14:12 Adrian, Liz and the kids waving us off at the station.