Day out in London with Vera - London May 2009

Day out in London with Vera

Sunday 17th May 2009

A day out in London with Vera, starting with Sunday lunch at the Black Friar, then a walk over the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern, followed by a boat trip along the Thames, and afternoon tea and a wander around the Turner exhibition at the Tate Britain.

London May 2009

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11:06:50 Me looking rather unkempt in the flat before we got ready to go out.11:48:04 12:05:10 That's Westminster Cathedral there - I just took this as we changed buses here.

13:05:16 In The Black Friar, where we went for Sunday lunch.13:05:32 Me and Vera and our lunches.13:05:43 Chie and some of the bas reliefs above the bar.

13:53:00 Heading out again now, about to cross the Millenium Footbridge, there's St. Paul's in the background.13:55:21 13:58:19 Vera and Chie on the bridge.

13:58:33 Me and Vera on the bridge - she has her eyes closed here...13:58:35 ....a bit better second time!14:05:39 Vera and Chie in front of the Tate Modern.

14:07:54 Vera wanted a picture here as she'd read a book about this house...14:08:10 14:09:49 The bridge and St. Paul's.

15:19:00 After getting the Tate to Tate boat (on which I didn't take any pictures) we arrived at the Tate Britain.15:19:09 15:30:33 ...where we decided to have a quick Afternoon Tea...

15:30:55 16:43:26 ...and then after a wander around the Turner exhibition we jumped in a cab and headed home.