London March 2007

My 30th Birthday - London March 2007

My 30th Birthday

Saturday 17th March 2007

A bit of a do to celebrate my 30th birthday (albeit two days late), including a picnic on Primrose Hill, a bout of karaoke, and then a chinese meal.

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13:57:36 So here's me on Primrose Hill, eating some baguette and sipping a beaker of white wine.

13:57:40 Bit of a strange angle here - I think Chie took this.

13:57:43 I think this was taken to reassure ourselves there was actually blue sky today!

13:58:06 View out over the city, which I've taken so many times before.

15:23:41 Some people have turned up now - so here's Yukari, Leon, Kate, me and Chie. Rob is taking the photo here.

15:36:11 Lighting issues!

15:49:44 Another group shot, don't we all look very middle class!

15:49:51 ...and again. I'm not sure why I needed to crane my neck at this angle.

16:21:04 I look every so slightly yogic here.

16:21:11 It's looking like time to leave and move on to the next venue...

16:26:29 ...walking back down Primrose Hill.

16:48:00 ...and here we are entering Lucky Voice - the karaoke place... only for some reason the sign is totally washed out here.

17:03:01 Rob and Kate, kicking the singing off with a bit of a duet. Lovely.

17:04:12 Instrumental 39 seconds?!?!

17:07:22 Me and Kate being entertained, although not sure who is singing at this point.

17:07:25 I look a bit like I'm playing darts here.

17:07:35 Leon giving it some.

17:07:44 Me lookin on, apparently suring Jolene.

17:08:01 Some merriment here.

17:08:09 ...and the same sort of thing again.

17:08:22 I think this is still during Jolene.

17:08:33 Not sure who was in charge of the camera at this point, but they were obviously quite snap happy!

17:10:39 Simon and Vanessa doing a bit of a duet, whilst Yukari tries desparately to get out of shot.

17:27:19 Oh dear.

17:27:38 ...well there always has to be at least one of these.

17:34:40 Rob and Kate having been let out of the asylum to do a spot of recreation.

17:55:20 Can anyone work out what song that is?

17:55:29 More karaokeing + drinking.

18:03:35 ....and of course we had to be drinking Asahi.

18:14:24 Leon and Yukari doing a bit of a duet.

18:19:14 My ear.

18:19:22 The backs of mine and Rob's heads. We're not really making David Bailey feel insecure here are we?

18:58:22 Judging by hte time this is probably our lst song here...

19:00:36 ...nice group shot on the way out.

20:11:41 In Royal China now, and some form of hilarity is ensuing with this lid thing.

20:12:18 Hmmm...

20:50:57 People seen through an assortment of Chinese food and drink.

20:51:05 ...more of the same.

20:51:48 Of course there had to be sake.

21:21:04 Managed to get the waiter in here, who looks somewhat less than impressed!

21:29:21 Ohhh.... the lazy susan.

23:13:13 We decided to round the evening off with a drink in The Social. So here we are.

23:13:32 Me, Rob and Kate, probably just before heading home. Nice!

00:28:03 I developed one of those post drinking carbohydrate cravings on the way back, so stopped in at Subway.

00:38:37 Thanks for this Chie!

00:40:05 This and the next picture can be put together to make a little animation...

00:40:07 ...if you're really that bored!