A Night Out in Pangbourne with Simon and Susannah

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Friday 16th July 2004. Simon and Susannah came to Pangbourne for the evening for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, and I laid on a tour of the very finest venues in Pangbourne for them. We started off with a drink by the Thames at the Swan, then headed to Mia Beni for dinner, after which we popped into the Copper Inn, before rounding the evening off out the back of the Cross Keys.

19:12:51 The Swan from the outside. I'd half thought it might be nice to get picture of the outsides of all the places we visited during the course of the evening, but clearly forgot after this initial picture.

19:36:20 Me, Kev, Simon and Susannah, out the back of The Swan, by the Thames. Lovely.

19:36:24 Same thing again really.

20:25:53 Here we are now in Mia Beni, just about to tuck into our starters.

20:26:28 I wanted to get me and Chie in a picture as well. Not sure what everyone found so funny here.

20:48:06 Looks like our main courses have arrived. Simon appears to be a bit blurred here.

20:48:16 Mine and Chie's main courses - I went for the ever nice Fettucine Mia Beni. Chie had some kind of tortelloni.

21:04:02 Kev with his little mountain of departed crustacean remains.

21:36:13 After dinner we popped into the Copper Inn, where they were bizarrely having some kind of pyjama party (?!), thus the subdued lighting.

21:36:30 Me and Kev, behind a bit of garden furniture being inappropriately used indoors.

21:59:29 Well at least the background is well lit here!

22:43:26 We finished the night off in the Cross Keys, in many ways saving the best 'til last. Not really sure why we all had to bend over at obscure angles here - I'm sure (A) it made sense at the time, and (B) alcohol was a factor.

22:59:15 Chie and I escorted Simon and Susannah to the station to wave them off. Shame about the weird lighting conditions here!