Tokyo April 2006

Hanami - Tokyo April 2006


Tuesday 4th April 2006

Some very bad pictures from my mobile of an evening hanami in Inokashira Park.

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20:05:00 Very difficult to see what is going on here! This is a lamp which was lighting up some of the surrounding cherry blossoms...

20:19:00 ...same sort of thing again. Clearly a bit too much for the camera built into my phone!

20:20:00 Hmmm you can just about see some people in this.

21:05:00 A bit later on we popped into a little cafe near the park for some ice cream - with some indoor lighting you can at least just about make this picture out.

21:05:30 My ice cream - half Oreo cookie, half Blueberry. The Oreo cookie was a surprise hit - the blueberry on the other hand wasn't that marvellous.