Tokyo April 2006

Mori Building Night View - Tokyo April 2006

Mori Building Night View

Saturday 22nd April 2006

Spent the daytime lazing around the flat, and then went to meet Chie in Roppongi after work, and admired the nighttime view from the top of the Mori Building.

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14:26:39 In the daytime I was home alone, so popped out in the afternoon to tend to the "garden". Here's our newest addition - a planter with three plants in.

14:27:09 Just for a change, a side on view.

14:27:25 A close-up on the rosemary plant, for no particular reason.

14:27:34 A close-up on one of the olive trees - you can see some new leaves coming out there.

14:27:39 Errr.... not much point to this one!

18:55:12 So in the evening I went to meet Chie when she finished work, and we decided to go to the "City View" floor of the Mori Building, very close to where Chie works. The nighttime view was really nice, but either my camera (or my unsteady hands) really didn't do it justice...

18:57:33 So lots of the same really...

18:57:46 ...which means it is going to be hard writing comments for them all...!

18:58:13 ...this one is particularly blurred.

19:00:08 Still blurry unfortnately, but I rather liked the way the road snakes through the night time scnery here.

19:01:26 You can just about see the last few rays of the sun off in the distance there.

19:02:56 From here on I resorted to putting the camera on a flat surface, and using the self timer (oh and the "wide range" setting) - and the results were slightly better.

19:04:04 Same thing again. Is that Roppongi Dori there maybe?

19:05:37 I think the very bright light there might be from a baseball stadium.

19:12:10 In the cafe/bar place on the same floor, Chie is actually in this picture believe it or not!