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Thursday 7th July 2005. The graduation ceremony at Reading University at which I became Dr John Hawkins(!).

10:27:20 Me and a drainpipe, shortly after picking up my robes.

10:32:27 Me in front of some flowers.

10:32:50 ...and again.

10:42:04 Rob and Byrnie enjoying a glass of Pimm's.

10:42:11 Lucy and Dad in the marquis.

10:44:10 Me, Lucy and Dad.

11:24:01 Me and Mark - it was great to have a friend graduate on the same day! I have an unfortunately moronic facial expression here - I think it was all getting a bit too much for me!

13:18:09 A more "natural" picture of me here.

13:18:31 Me and Vera sitting at our table in the marquis.

13:18:45 Me and the mandatory champagne.

13:18:53 Me and Robin and some champagne.

13:19:15 Mum and Keith from the side.

13:22:00 Our table, minus me (I was taking the picture) - cheers!

13:22:21 Same again from slightly different angle.

13:29:57 Me in the classic position on the steps.

13:30:14 ...and again. I think Robin was taking these...

13:37:32 Mum, Dad and me on the steps.

13:37:50 ...and again.

13:37:56 ...and again. Robin was clearly very keen on getting it right!

13:41:05 Not sure about the angle here!

13:41:25 Me and Mark again...

13:41:29 ....and again.

13:41:49 ...and again.

13:41:52 ....and again!

13:42:29 Just me here.

13:44:57 Me and Robin in front of the flowers.

13:45:57 Robin and Dad - don't they look similar?

13:46:14 Robin and Dad again.

13:50:51 Back in the marquis.

13:50:55 ...and again.

13:51:00 Ver and Robin looking serious.

16:02:41 A very late lunch in Pangbourne, at the Swan.

21:59:59 Rob and Kate in the pub later on that evening.

22:00:34 Rob and Kate again with less crazy lighting.